Zakład stolarski

Tadeusz Izdebski

1. Parquet flooring is made of building timber of Polish origin.

2. Product grading is performed on the basis of the UE PN-EN13226-2005 exclusive quality standard.

3. Product moisture content: 8% ±1.

4. Our specifications for wood flooring meet international standards and the Polish standard PN-EN13226-2005.

5. Wood is a hygroscopic material and therefore it changes its volume upon changes of humidity in the environment.

6. The following conditions of storage are obligatory:
- air humidity up to 70%
- parquet flooring is laid on the subfloor whose moisture content does not exceed 3-4%.
- the above conditions are also obligatory for the usage of the flooring

7. If the flooring gets drenched with water or other chemical agents the following damage to the flooring may occur: separation of the flooring from its subfloor, depressions in the floor, spots.

8. Adhesive recommended and admitted for use by the Polish Institute of Hygiene should be used for gluing wood pieces together.

9. Floor varnish should be admitted for use by the Polish Institute of Hygiene.

10. Upon meeting of the foregoing recommendations the parquet flooring has a perpetual guarantee.

Enjoy the comfort of our parquet flooring.