Zakład stolarski

Tadeusz Izdebski


Our family business was founded just after the end of World War II in 1946.
At the beginning the scope of our services consisted of carpentry work performed by my father. Through the following years the business activity was gradually extended to woodworking, windows and doors.
By the end of the fifties our services included mostly woodworking and production of parquet flooring, as well as construction of summer houses of different styles and types.
Our current production and services run at the following levels:
75% - production of parquet flooring
10% - production of floors and skirting boards
10% - production of stairs
5% - all carpentry services (non-standard services)
Presently only 5 persons work for our company and we could employ many more.
Our plant is equipped with several high quality machines and production equipment, Polish and foreign, from Gubisch, Maggi, Futura, Festoll, Stihl. The experience and education of our employees and the equipment we use ensure that the quality of our production is very high. Our products are graded in accordance with the exclusive PN-EN14342-2013 & PN-EN13226-2005 standard.